Tantric Sex for Beginners – 4 Useful Tips and Benefits

Tantric sex has become a very interesting practice, which consists of the awakening of the spiritual being through sex and the accumulation of sexual energy. If you are eager to learn about Tantra, go ahead and read tantric love techniques for sexual intimacy. This is educational and informative content.

It is not a simple practice and requires a lot of concentration. If you are interested in venturing into tantric sex… do not miss these tips for beginners!

Tantric sex for beginners

Tantric Sex for Beginners

Hereunder we are focusing on tantric love techniques that will give you full control, high energy, and enjoyment.

Avoid contact

The practice of tantric sex is more focused on the creation of sexual energy than in the sexual act. This means that for tantric sex to work they must avoid sexual contact and accumulate as much energy as they can.

The key is to feel the desire and desire and not do anything about it. Masturbation is allowed, but penetration and orgasms are not.
Do eye contact and feel the presence of each other.


The reason why you can not have sex is that tantra is about channeling the sexual energy so it generates excitement and desire and must be controlled.

The tantric method consists of an extended embrace between the two that can be done in three ways: sit cross-legged in front of your partner with the knees touching each other; Sit with your legs wrapped around each other’s torso or sit on your lap with your legs entwined.


Once you have achieved the position, the next step is to stay that way. Caresses and touch are allowed and kisses can occur, but fundamentally what they should do is take a deep breath and remain calm.

If both focus on breathing deeply and controlling desire, they can better handle the experience.

Unlimited time

The process of tantric sex has no limits and can last until what both endured, that with time will be more and more. There is no specific method to do it, but it is convenient to do it in a private, quiet, and uninterrupted place. It is essential that you can concentrate on synchronizing your breathing and doing it slowly.

With the proper calm, contact with your partner, and control of sexual desires, you will notice the great sensations of tantric sex.

Benefits of Tantric Sex

The goal is to channel all the sexual energy to strengthen the nervous system. As you go through tantric sex you will notice great benefits, such as more energy, increased creativity, vivid dreams, and the ability to attract the opposite sex.

Tantric sex develops the ability to be more attentive to feelings with special emphasis on touch and breathing. The sexual communication between the couple will allow incorporating new forms of relationship and pleasure.

The great benefit of this Indian method is to achieve enlightenment, given that sexuality is posited as a doorway to the divine and a great variety of mystical experiences that you will face in the process. Would you encourage yourself to practice tantric sex with your partner?

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