15 Incredible Benefits of Parsley for Our Health

Learn the health benefits of parsley. Besides being very suitable to combat fatigue, parsley stands out for its purifying properties, since it helps us to improve the functioning of the kidneys.

We all know this aromatic herb that is used for dozens of dishes, but perhaps we do not know what its properties and benefits are. Once you read the following article you will begin to add parsley to your diet. It is really powerful!

Characteristics of parsley

The benefits of parsley

It grows almost anywhere, it brings a rich flavor to food and has been used for centuries, both in gastronomy and in alternative medicine.

  • Regarding its nutritional properties, we must emphasize that, for example, it contributes a good amount of vitamins of groups A, B, C, and D.
  • It also offers a large dose of minerals (including calcium, potassium, and iron).
  • As if all this were not enough, the parsley has almost no calories or fat (100 grams of leaves of the plant barely have 36 calories and 1 gram of fat).
  • It is an interesting source of carbohydrates (4.6 grams) and fibers (3 grams).

Health Benefits of Parsley

Parsley: more than an ornament

The gourmet dishes that serve us in restaurants usually have a sprig of parsley to decorate that “work of art”.

However, the truth is that this plant is too beneficial to be used only as an ornament.
Pay attention to its most outstanding properties:

1. Fight against cancer

This is due to an organic compound of parsley called myristicin that inhibits the formation of tumors, especially in the lungs, prostate, and colon.

It also activates an enzyme known as glutathione-S-transferase, which helps in the process of elimination of oxidized molecules that produce diseases.

Smokers should consume more parsley since it has the ability to neutralize chemical and carcinogenic agents from cigarette smoke.

2. Improves digestion and intestinal transit

Parsley benefits

Parsley is digestive and also serves to relieve or prevent the spasms produced in the colon. In turn, it reduces the symptoms of indigestion.

Due to its properties and fiber supply, it is an excellent remedy to regulate intestinal flora.

3. Promotes health

Antioxidants included in parsley (especially luteolin) are combined with certain molecules included in the body to prevent damage caused by free radicals.

In turn, prevents the appearance of certain diseases thanks to vitamins A and C. The latter eliminates toxins and strengthens the immune system.

Parsley is anti-inflammatory, prevents infections, and reduces symptoms in chronic pathologies.

It is recommended in case of suffering:

  • Atherosclerosis
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis

4. It helps you lose weight

If you are dieting to lose weight, do not hesitate to add parsley to your meals and smoothies.

This is responsible for “reducing weight” because of beta-carotene (one of the maximum antioxidants that exist) that works in the fat-soluble areas in the body (mostly in the womb).

5. Avoid cardiovascular diseases

Benefits of parsley for healt
Parsley is one of the best natural medicines at our disposal to enjoy a healthy heart.
The element responsible for causing heart disease is an amino acid called homocysteine. The good news is that this plant provides folic acid that turns it into “beneficial” molecules.
In this way, we can enjoy a healthier cardiovascular system and prevent heart attacks, atherosclerosis, and strokes.
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6. Clean the kidneys

Consuming parsley is a very good idea when we have kidney failure or urinary infection, as it has the ability to purify the kidneys naturally.

The diuretic properties are more than interesting and also help us so that the renal system acts as it should: purifying and detoxifying the organism.

However, we must bear in mind that it is not recommended for those who have frequent kidney stones or a tendency to their formation.

The amount of oxalic acid included in the plant can increase the formation of the “stones”.

7. Reduces inflammation

Foods rich in vitamin C such as parsley protect the body from suffering from inflammatory polyarthritis in particular and any swelling in general.
If you have a tendency to suffer joint inflammation, we recommend that you consume more of this plant.

Health benefits of parsley

8. Avoid fatigue

Chronic fatigue is a very common problem in modern times. The lack of energy, the need to sleep more and more, and the difficulty to concentrate are just some of its symptoms.
A natural way to counteract the effects of fatigue is to consume parsley.
Due to its great contribution to minerals (especially iron and phosphorus) this seasoning increases our energy and helps us to fulfill all the daily obligations.

More kindness of parsley

Of course, this rich plant offers multiple benefits. Some of the highlights that you can not leave out are:

  • It helps improve circulation (thanks to potassium)
  • Regulates blood pressure (it is perfect for those who suffer from hypertension)
  • It favors the state of the skin and mucous membranes (for vitamin A)
  • Combats the harmful effects of some medications (mostly those that absorb vitamin B9)
  • Treats colds and flu (thanks to vitamin C)
  • Reduces the typical symptoms of menopause (for example, hot flashes)
  • Aids in bone health (Credit goes to vitamin K)

How to consume parsley?

In addition to adding it to the meals as a seasoning, you can prepare delicious natural smoothies using it as an ingredient (it combines very well with pineapple, kiwi and green apple).

All these are the benefits of parsley for our health. Do not forget to share these benefits with family and friends.

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