20 Home Remedies to Keep Ants Away

The ants can appear at any time both in the garden and inside the house, but it is possible to keep ants away with natural, homemade, and effective remedies. How many pesticides have you tried to try to contain the invasion of ants in your home? Despite the promises of labels, these little creatures always come back to visit us. What to do? With these natural remedies, the ants will take good care of re-infesting the pantry and other corners of the house.

Keep Ants Away Home Remedy

Get rid of ants - Keep ants away

1. Vinegar

The smell of the vinegar bothers the ants; make a solution of vinegar and essential oil of eucalyptus, and rub the areas where the ant’s transit. This way you can keep ants away with vinegar. It should not be used on land because vinegar acidifies the soil.

2. Cinnamon

You can also keep ants away with cinnamon. Sprinkle cinnamon everywhere the ant’s pass, even at the anthill entrance. It is a very effective ecological method but you have to be constant, apply for a long time until the ants deign to leave.

3. Spices

Its strong smell makes the ants escape. You can choose between cloves, spicy paprika, and other aromatic spices.

4. Salt

You may have a question in mind – will salt keep ants away? Yes, Sprinkle salt near the paths that ants use to enter your home. Very soon there will be no sign of the ants.

5. Chile

Its irritating properties keep ants away: keep a hot pepper in the pantry or near the entrance of the ants.

6. Mint

Use tea bags or dried mint leaves: the ants will avoid them safely. Does peppermint keep ants away? The answer is a big yes.

7. Coffee grains

Distribute some coffee beans near the access points of the ants and they will stop coming. You’ll be able to keep ants away from home.

8. Laurel

To ensure that your pantry is not invaded by ants, hang inside some bay leaves.

9. Boiling water

There should be no plants and if you are on the floor you can use syringes.

10. Vaseline

This is very effective if we don’t want to let ants enter into the sugar container. Then apply vaseline to cover the entrances of the anthills.

11. Yeast

Add the baking powder to a little water and mix with sugar. The yeast will ferment and ants will die because of the produced gases.

12. Garlic Infusion

Leave the garlic soaking for 24-48 hours. Boil for 20 minutes and apply with spray.

13. Borax with condensed milk

Borax is toxic to both ants and us. You have to keep precautions.

14. Water

If you have ants watering continuously and keeping the moisture, it will make them go away.

15. Rice cooked with sugar

It will taste sweet and they will take it away. When they ferment, they die.

16. Infusion of Rue

Cut pieces of rue and soak for 24 hours, apply on roads that pass in a pulverized manner. It is how to keep ants away from home.

17. Purple cabbage

For leaf-cutter ants, put purple color cabbage or any cabbage near the nest. The cabbage ferments inside and ants die.

18. Tagetes patula

This well-known ornamental plant has insecticidal properties on its roots, so planting them in our garden will eliminate the ants.

19. Fruits of Paradise

The fruits of the Melia azedarach tree have a strong effect on ants, but beware, you must keep it away from children.

20. Carpet method

Put a cork seedbed mouth-down. Wet it a few times a week. The ants will move their anthill there. Remove them with any previous method.

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